FAQ about payment process.

Here, we answer questions we have asked about the process of payment through the Bio-Resource Payment (BRP).
If this FAQ does not help you, please let us know by email to payment at bio-resource.sel.or.jp


The Error Code list is issued by Robot Payment Inc. limited.

Please refer to this list below for the error code you asked.

Click Here to check the Error Code list.

In case any error code was not indicated, we suggest you to clear the cache of browser you used, and try again.

When you got a blank error code.

At a rare occasion, the security system of your institution may refuse to connect to our payment system, and apper brank error code. In such case, an advise will be a try to make an access at somewhere else, for example, at your home.

1. Access to BRP.

(Q) Cannot access to the URL on the invoice. There is no reaction or go to a white page.

(A) These troubles may be solved by clearing the web cache of your browser.
At a rare occasion, the security system of your institution may refuse to connect to our website.
In such case, we would like to advise you to try at another location, at home, for example.

2. Input Card Information.

(Q) Error codes starting with "G".

(A) Error codes starting with "G" (for example, "G1242G120000"), although in some cases the initial letter is not "G".
Regarding these errors, we cannot confirm the details, because it contains your personal information.
Please make a contact with your credit card company. Following are examples of the error codes starting with "G".

(Ex1) "G1242G120000".
(A) This error code informs “No service, please contact your card issuer” which means please ask your credit card issuer that you can find on the back of your credit card.
We are sorry but nothing can be done at this end for this because your credit card issuer judges to deliver the error code.
Another try will be to use another credit card of yours.

(Ex2) "G3042G300000".
(A) This indicates that the credit card company did not accept the card for some reasons. Could you please contact your credit card company or Robot Payment Inc. ( support at j-payment.co.jp), that handles our payment system, to find out what was wrong with the card you used. Alternatively, we would like to advise you to try again with another credit card.

(Ex3) "G5642G560000".
(A) The credit card number must have had a typo. Please try again with the correct number. If you faced same error, we suggest you to make a contact with your credit card company, or clear the cache of your browser, and use another card.

(Q) Error code "ER014".

(A) This was caused by an inadequate card number. Please confirm and try again with the correct number.

(Q) Error code "ER060".

(A) This indicates telephone number error. This occurs when a telephone number you enter is different from that registered. Enter the correct telephone number, and try again. If you change the phone number, please contact the card company.

3. Receipt.

(Q) Issue of a receipt.

(A) We suggest you to make a contact with the credit card company you used for the payment.They will issue a receipt with the currency in your country.

(Q) Conversion to your currency

(B) We have no ways to obtain accurate amount of money to be charged in your currency. Please ask your credit card company.